Why is JSS a strategic partner for your COVID-19 study development?

The JSS COVID-19 Task Force

  • We have a designated team which keeps abreast of the latest developments pertaining to SARS-CoV-2

  • We have a deep understanding and are fully aware of the challenges involved in the current treatment processes and testing protocols according to the regulations of various states and provinces

  • Scientific Affairs Group
    • COVID-19 Standard of Care and Competing Studies
    • COVID-19 Synopsis and Protocol Templates

  • Feasibility and Recruitment
    • We are securing potential sites in strategic territories
    • We are remaining up-to-date with changing patient availability
    • We are aware of differentiations between hospitals (Canada vs US), CHSLDs, long-term care facilities and SMOs

Medical Writing

Our Medical Writing Team has:

On average, 8 years of experience in medical writing and clinical research per writer
On average, more than 12 years of experience, pooled, in each medical writing team
Experience with biotechs, big pharma, medical device companies, universities and hospitals

Document Types:

Clinical Study Protocols

ICH-Compliant Clinical Study Reports

Patient Narratives

Statistical Reports

Integrated Summaries of Safety and Efficacy (ISS/ISE)

Literature Reviews



Slide Decks

Training Materials

Investigator Brochures