Why is JSS a strategic partner for your product development?

The JSS Medical Research COVID-19 Task Force

  • We are an international Canadian-based CRO with extensive experience running clinical trials and have been successful within the current landscape in a wide range of therapeutic areas

  • We are involved in 30+ COVID-19 related projects, including vaccines, ranging from Phase I to IV, for the treatment or prevention of the infectious disease
  • JSS’ global sites cover all major geographical areas- we have performed studies in 56 countries

  • Our clinical operations team has been flexible to adjust quickly and meet the needs of regulatory authorities and physicians during this challenging period
  • JSS has agreements with qualified hospital sites and research centres worldwide, where we have also successfully implemented remote and risk-based monitoring for both COVID-19 and non COVID-19 projects

Medical device companies, like their biotech counterparts face the challenge of access to capital in order to fund their clinical development programs. In addition they face stringent regulatory requirements and a need to demonstrate real world evidence of clinical benefit in order to obtain reimbursement from Payors.

JSS Medical Research possesses the experience and expertise to assist medical device companies with both pre-approval (pilot and pivotal) and post approval studies. We have experience with device studies in the following therapeutic areas :

• Gastric surgery
• Respiratory
• Wound care
• Surgical intervention
• Trauma
• Endocrinology

We have provided clinical trial and outcomes research support to small private medical device companies as well as large multinational organizations and universities.