Why is JSS a strategic partner for your COVID-19 study development?

The JSS COVID-19 Task Force

  • We are an international Canadian-based CRO with extensive experience in COVID-19 clinical trials

  • Successful completion of 100+ Infectious Disease and 40+ Vaccine clinical trials
    • Involvement in over 15 COVID-19 related projects, ranging from Phase I to IV.
    • JSS’ global sites covers all major geographical areas. We are currently performing therapeutic studies related to COVID-19, mostly for moderate to severe patients in the US, Canada, Colombia, Peru, Poland and India. We are also supporting Covid-related pharmacovigilance activities and monitoring in Brazil and Mexico

  • Our clinical operations team has been flexible to adjust quickly and meet the needs of physicians during this challenging period. JSS has agreements with qualified hospital sites and research centres worldwide, where we have also successfully implemented remote and risk-based monitoring.

Global Coverage

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