Why is JSS a strategic partner for your COVID-19 study development?

JSS COVID-19 Task Force

  • We have designated a team which keeps abreast of the latest developments pertaining to SARS-CoV-2

  • We have a deep understanding and are fully aware of the challenges involved in the current treatment processes and testing protocols according to the regulations of various states and provinces

  • Scientific Affairs Group
    • COVID-19 Standard of Care and Competing Studies
    • COVID-19 Synopsis and Protocol Templates

  • Feasibility
    • We are securing potential sites
    • We are remaining up-to-date with changing patient availability
    • We are aware of differentiations between Hospitals (Canada vs US), CHSLDs, Long-Term Care facilities and SMOs

As the new Health Canada regulations become part of the industry framework, nutraceutical and functional food producers are increasingly having to consider clinical research and/or better published literature to support their claims. Generating efficacy and safety data are key to substantiated label claims for your products. JSS Medical Research fully understands the Health Canada guidelines for preparing submissions for functional food claims. JSS Medical Research has experience working with nutraceutical manufacturers and can help you from needs assessment & protocol development right through to publications of your results.

JSS Medical Research full-service expertise can help you to:

• Evaluate your needs and help you develop a strategic evidence-based research program
• Conduct clinical trials for regulatory submission
• Conduct post-approval studies to satisfy any regulatory requirement
• Perform medical writing for regulatory purpose and our publication