Dr. Sampalis is founder and CEO of JSS Medical Research founded in 1997.

He is a tenured professor of Surgery and Epidemiology & Biostatistics of McGill University, the University of Montreal and University of Laval. Throughout his career he has received numerous scholarships from provincial and federal funding agencies including the Medical Research Council of Canada, the National Health Development Program and the Fonds de la recherche en santé du Quebec. With over 140 peer-reviewed publications in high ranking journals and more than seven million dollars in research funding, Dr. Sampalis is recognized as one of the leading clinical epidemiologists in the world, and one of the top trauma researchers in Canada.

Possessing extensive expertise in health services research, clinical trials and the evaluation of medical technology, Dr. Sampalis also offers services as a Research and Epidemiological Consultant for numerous pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and government organizations and agencies.

Dr. Sampalis currently holds a Medical Scientist Salary Award from the Medical Research Council of Canada and has previously received numerous prestigious scholarships and awards including the National Health Research and Development Scholar from Health Canada. In addition, he participates as a reviewer for over five leading peer-reviewed journals and as a committee member for provincial and federal funding agencies.

As Chief Scientific Officer at JSS Medical Research, he continues to contribute to scientific aspects of the clinical trials in collaboration with the VP, Scientific Affairs team to ensure sound scientific expertise and that data quality and integrity are maintained.