Drug development program can be punctuated by short time staffing needs. Being able to manage this challenge could mean being able to complete your clinical trials in a timely fashion within the established budget.

JSS Medical Research can help you with staffing needs by providing in-sourcing of highly trained research professionals. Our service allows you to manage highly capable and flexible resources, increase the cost-effectiveness of your projects by moving from a fixed overhead to a flexible project-based costing structure, optimize your in-house expertise, and focus on your core competences and customers.

JSS Medical Research will oversee the whole process from recruitment to oversight. We will ensure that employees skills match your define job requirement and needs. Employees will receive the appropriate training of JSS Medical Research’s competencies and SOP as well as your SOP if needed. They will also receive performance assessment to ensure the highest quality service.

JSS Medical Research in-sourcing staff is excellent to fill the needs for:

  • Clinical Research Associates
  • Clinical Research Coordinators
  • Medical Scientific Liaison
  • Project Managers