Corporate History

JSS Medical Research is a full service contract research organization (CRO) with strong academic affiliations that was founded in 1985 by Dr. John S. Sampalis; a tenured Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at McGill University and the University of Montreal. The company began as a university-based group providing consulting services to pharmaceutical companies focusing on medical writing and statistical analysis. Due to an increased demand for services from the industry clients, the independent CRO established outside the university added data management to the services offered. In 1997, service offerings were expanded to include clinical operations and information technology (IT) solutions. In 2005, JSS Medical Research added an internal quality assurance department which implemented a Quality Assurance Program under the direction of compliance specialists from SNC Lavalin Pharma. Since then, the QA Program has been managed internally, with SNC Lavalin Pharma acting as third party auditors and consultants. In 2012, JSS Medical Research expanded its offering in health economics and outcomes research, providing reimbursement strategy services and leveraging health economics expertise to build the key elements of reimbursement submissions.

Since 2006, JSS Medical Research has operated as a full service CRO adding quality assurance, study monitoring and training to its services. The company has experienced continuous growth, both organically and through acquisitions. In September, 2013 a new office (JSS Medical Research Colombia S.A.S.) was opened in Bogotá, Colombia following the acquisition of Latam Clinical Trials, and in 2014 the company consolidated its position in Canada by merging with Integrated Research Inc. The acquisition of Max Neeman International in 2015 represents a significant step in the company’s growth in the Asia/Pacific region.

Today, JSS Medical Research is one of the largest Canadian-owned CROs in Canada with approximately 290 full time employees and 50 contractual-based consultants, mainly clinical research associates and clinical research coordinators.