JSS Medical Research is a global Contract Research Organisation (CRO) with offices currently in Canada, USA, Colombia, and India.    JSS Medical Research assists pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutraceutical and medical device companies with their pre- and post-approval clinical development, and reimbursement goals and strategies.

The company was started as a small consulting firm by Dr. Sampalis in the mid-80s. JSS Medical Research is now one of the top CROs in Canada. Our multidisciplinary team of highly trained professionals, strong affiliations with universities, hospitals and governments, along with our observance of evolving industry standards have been our success factors. We currently run over 200 projects annually and are now active in more than 30 countries.

What distinguishes JSS Medical Research from other similar companies is our commitment to scientific excellence and adherence to the highest possible standards that ensures our academic credibility. The high level of scientific rigor and attention to detail required today from payers and patients are compatible with our philosophy of conducting clinical research for the industry that is compatible with academic standards. Consequently we have been instrumental in supporting the approval and reimbursement of life saving therapies.

JSS Medical Research is a science based CRO…this is our philosophy and defines everything we do!